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When Is Sandblasting Necessary?

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Sandblasting is a fast and effective way to knock a texture off a surface. It is also useful in removing paint from all types of surfaces. Of course, sandblasting is a job that needs to be done by professionals. Sandblasting machines (often called abrasive blasters) are not overly expensive but most homeowners don't own one. Professional sandblasters are equipped to effectively sandblast in any situation. Furthermore, they are prepared to handle the immense mess that a sandblaster can cause while it is being operated. This article explains in what situation it is best to use a sandblaster and when it is best to use other methods.

Don't Sandblast Wood

First, you don't ever want to sandblast wood. The power of the blaster can tear through the wood grains and completely ruin the surface. Instead, it is much more practical and safer to use disc sanders to remove texture or paint from wood.

Sandblasting is Ideal for Painted Concrete

In most cases, sandblasting is unnecessary when it comes to removing paint. Concrete is the major exception. This is due to the fact that concrete is so porous. Using disc or drum sanders does not get the job done because so much of the paint is within the fine pores of the concrete. A sandblaster is much more effective at knocking away the paint. The main side effect is that the blasting will also alter the smoothness of the concrete. Since it actually makes the concrete smoother, most customers don't mind.

Sandblasting Stucco Will Save You Days of Work

Removing stucco from a concrete wall is probably the most common application of a sandblaster. Stucco often need to be removed from the surface if the property owner wants to apply a different siding material like vinyl, wood or stone. Wings taco is applied to a wall, it is basically sprayed on. So, this sandblasting is essentially the reversal of the process. That is, it is sprayed (or blasted!) off. The knockdown and debris from sandblasting stucco obviously creates a big mess, but the professionals will have the area properly masked off.

Of course, every situation is a little different because every surface is unique. In some cases the blasting will take much longer than expected. In others it will be even easier than expected. It is hard for a sandblasting company to predict the difficulty of a job until they actually start spraying.