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Exterior of Your Small Business Looking Drab? How to Make It More Inviting

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It does not matter how nice the interior of your business is if the outside looks drab and boring. The exterior is the first thing a customer sees, and you need to make sure it looks inviting to them. Fortunately, there are many ways you can do this, three of which are listed below.

1. Landscaping

Add some landscaping elements to make your exterior more attractive. Place large planters filled with colorful flowers outside the doorway to make your customers feel welcome. Hire a landscaper to plant flowering shrubs or bushes in front of and next to your business. A landscaper will know how to strategically place everything so it looks the most attractive. They can also make your lawn look nicer. For example, if there are bare spots, they can plant grass seed there.

2. Paint

If you have not given your business a new coat of paint in some time, adding a coat or two can make a big difference in how your building looks. The current paint may be dull, chipping, or peeling. Hire a commercial painter to paint your building for you to ensure the job is done in the right way. If you have a parking lot, you should consider repainting the lines on it. This is simply a courtesy to your customers and any other visitors that come to your business. Be sure to choose the right colors for your business exterior, and make sure to have the exterior repainted every few years to keep your business looking its best.  

3. Concrete

If your parking lot or any other concrete or asphalt area has chips or cracks, you should repair them. If the cracks are very large, you should not attempt to fix them yourself. Hire a concrete or asphalt contractor to do this for you. This will ensure the cracks are repaired properly so they do not come back. If you do not repair the cracks, they will only get worse over time, which will result in a higher repair bill. Once the cracks are repaired, use a power washer to clean the concrete or asphalt. You can also put a sealant on it to help prevent new cracking and protect the concrete or asphalt from the elements. You can purchase concrete sealer at a home improvement store. Follow the directions to apply it properly. You can also ask the concrete or asphalt contractor to do this for you.

Following these tips will give your business better curb appeal, and your customers may even stop by more often because everything looks so nice.