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3 Things To Do To Prep Your Room And Walls To Be Painted

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If you are just so bored with the wall color in your room that you can't stand it anymore, you can always choose to paint it. Changing the color of your room won't just make you less bored, it can also help you change the whole feel of the room. But if you are going to paint your room, there are some things that you are going to need to do to prep your room and walls for the paint. 

Clear the Room

Clearing and cleaning the room will make it much easier for you to prep and paint the room. Clearing it out will give you space to work and cleaning it means that you aren't going to stir any dirt up that might mar your paint job. If there are things that you can't get out of the room, push them all to the center and cover them up.  

Clean the Walls

If you want to have a good paint job, you need to start with a good canvas. In this case, a good canvas is a clean wall. First, you need to remove all the light switches and outlet covers. Put them in a small resealable bag with the screws. That way when you are ready to put the plates back on, everything is there, and you will save time. Then you need to dust the wall. You can use a clean rag or towel to dust the wall off, or you can use a product that is designed to grab and hold the dust.

Once you have thoroughly dusted the whole wall, then it's time to wash it. You might not think that you need to wash it since you just dusted it, but there is still going to be dirt on the wall. There are cleaning solutions that you can buy or you can make one yourself. There are a few different things you can use. For example, you could use a mix of vinegar and water or soap and water. After you wash the wall, make sure that you go over and rinse it with clean water, just so there is no residue on the walls. 

Prime the Walls

The next part of prepping your walls means that you need to tape the walls and then use a primer on them. You are going to want to tape places like around the windows or around anything you don't want painted. Then it's time to use a primer. The reason for the primer is to cover anything like dark colored paint or stains. That way they don't bleed through to your new paint. You may need two coats of primer before you paint. 

Prepping your room and walls to be painted will make sure that you have the best paint job possible.