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Tips To Help You Prepare For Exterior Painters

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The only thing better than having a newly painted house is hiring someone else to do the work. Bringing in a crew of experienced exterior painters ensures the job is done quickly and correctly, and most painters will provide a guarantee so you won't need to worry about problems for a few years. Just because you are bringing in painters doesn't mean you have nothing to do, though. The following tips can help you properly prepare for their arrival so everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Tip #1: Do some yard maintenance

The day before the painters arrive, mow the lawn to its usual height. This will prevent the grass from matting underneath the onslaught of feet, tarps, and tools. It also makes it easier for your painters to find anything they may drop. It's also important to take the time to trim back bushes and plants that are growing right up against the house. Not only will it make it easier for the painters to access the home for painting, but leaving a gap between the plants and the home will help prevent damage to the new paint job.

Tip #2: Clean up near the home

Toys and lawn furniture should be moved so they are at least 10 feet or so from the house. This should provide the painters with plenty of room to set up ladders and scaffolding. If you have pets, walk through the lawn and pick up any abandoned toys or animal waste so your painter won't trip or step in it. Not only is it unpleasant for the painters—you don't want waste tracked all over your yard.

Tip #3: Clear your patio

Clearing your patio serves more than one purpose. Most importantly, it means there is no clutter in the way of your painters while they work. It also provides them with a clear staging area to set up their equipment, including paint sprayers, air compressors, and other tools that would otherwise have nowhere safe to be placed. While clearing the patio, also make sure that your outdoor electrical outlets are easily accessible so that your painters can plug any any tools that require power.

Tip #4: Water the lawn

Water the lawn the morning before the painters are to arrive. This way they won't be setting up ladders on saturated soil, which can lead to the legs sinking and causing divots. Any sprinklers that hit the walls of the house should be turned off completely after this watering. You won't want to run them for several days, as the paint will need to remain dry as it finishes the final curing process. Plan to water the areas near the home by hand during this period.

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