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How To Paint Your Ceilings

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Are you going to repaint some of your interior rooms? If so, you should consider repainting your ceilings as well. Many people don't think that it is necessary to repaint their ceilings because they might look fine as is. You can't really tell how faded or stained your white ceiling paint is until you apply a new coat of fresh white paint next to it. This article gives you three helpful tips for repainting ceilings.

Paint the Ceiling First

First of all, repainting your ceilings is much easier if you do it before you repaint your walls. This way, when you paint around the edges and corners, you don't need to do any taping or masking off. If a little bit of ceiling paint gets onto your actual vertical walls, you don't have to worry because it is going to get covered by the new wall paint. Usually, the walls are painted a darker color than white, so the paint is easily covered up. Of course, when it comes time to paint your walls, you will need to tape off your ceiling.

Use Extension Poles

Next, you should try to paint your ceiling using a paint roller and extension pole. That is, you don't necessarily want to climb up on top of a ladder and get as close to the ceiling as possible. If you do this, it can be awkward and painful as you bend your neck and attempt to paint directly above you. When you are standing on the floor, using an extension pole, you can see the entire ceiling, see what you have painted, see where you are going, and avoid having paint drip directly into your face. That is, with the extension pole angled in front of you, the dripping paint from the roller is not going to be falling in your eyes and hair.

Apply Multiple Coats

Another important thing to do when painting your ceiling is to always apply at least two coats. Usually, when you are painting white over an old white, it can be hard to tell if you have complete coverage when the light is not perfect. That is, if you paint during the day under natural lights, you might notice different color changes and missed spots during the night, under the artificial lights. So, not only does it help to apply multiple coats, it is also helpful to paint during different times of the day. This way you can make sure that you cover every square inch.

Repainting your ceiling is easy on one hand because you just need to apply a coat of white over an old coat of white. But, the awkward angles can make the job a little more difficult. Contact a service, like A Blaze of Color LLC , for more help.