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Painting Tips To Finish Your Furniture Statement Piece And Match An Accent Wall

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Your home decor can be about combining matching and contrasting colors to create a specific mood for each room in your home. And painting your walls and some other pieces to match is a good way to bring color into your home. As you hire a professional painter, or do some or all off the work yourself, here are some tips and recommendations to help you paint a furniture or statement piece in your home to match an accent wall.

Paint the Accent Wall

Painting your accent wall is the first step to tying your room together with color. Select your color of choice, such as a bold or bright color that is going to attract the attention of anyone who enters the room. You can hire a professional painter to apply paint neatly onto the wall, which will prevent any spills or over-application of the paint onto any nearby walls.

If you choose to apply the accent wall paint yourself, be sure to place fabric drop cloths below the wall. Plastic drop cloths are not recommended, as they can become slippery on the floor and will not absorb any paint drips, which can lead to paint transfer from your shoes if you accidentally step in a drip spot.

Use a steady hand and an angled paint brush to apply paint onto the edges of the wall. Be careful you don't paint over the corners, and carry a wet cloth with you so you can immediately wipe up any accidents as soon as you make them. As soon as any painting mistakes dry they won't wipe cleanly with a wet rag.

Finish Your Furniture Piece

Once you have painted your accent wall a focus color, select the piece of furniture you want to refinish. You can choose furniture items, such as a desk, entertainment center, sofa or wall table, or hutch. By painting a piece of furniture and placing the furniture piece on another side of the room, the wall and furniture piece are tied together, tying the entire room together.

Chalk paint is a good medium to cover a finished wood piece without having to remove the original stain or sand off the clear protective coating on the wood. Chalk paint can give your furniture a decorative and glossy finish that is resistant to water and is less prone to scratching. And the best part is you can make your own chalk paint with the same color of latex paint you applied onto your accent wall.

Combine one part Plaster of Paris with one part of water and three parts of your paint of choice to make chalk paint for your furniture piece. Apply it onto the furniture using a medium-sized paint brush. Be sure to brush the paint following any raised grain of the wood. Apply a second coat, if necessary to cover the underlying wood. Once your paint is dry, rub a clear furniture wax onto the painted furniture and buff it smooth. Remember, if you get overwhelmed, you can always hire professional painters who have experience refinishing walls, wood, and cabinets.