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Tips For Painting Your Ceilings With A Popcorn Texture

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If you have decided to redecorate your older home that has some visible damage on the ceilings, you may opt to paint those ceilings with a popcorn texture to help hide the imperfections. If so, use the following tips while popcorn-texturing your ceilings.

Cover Nicotine and Water Damage Stains with Primer

If anyone has ever smoked in your house or you had a leaky roof, there may be a few stains present that you want to cover up. However, while going with a popcorn texture can hide physical imperfections, such as bare spots and dents, these stains will eventually bleed through the new paint if you do not treat them first.

To cover up the nicotine and water damage stains, use a primer before you start painting. The primer will seal off the stain and prevent it from showing up again a few months down the road.

To make the task easier, use a primer that can be applied with a spray can. When looking for canned primer in the paint section of a home improvement store, make sure you select one formulated for walls and not a car, as the composition is different.

Select and Prepare the Correct Roller

Once you have primed the roof to seal in the stains, the next step is to select the correct roller for the job. Since you will be using a flat acrylic paint that is textured, you need to make sure that the nap on the roller is thick and long.

If you use one with a short, smooth nap, the material will not be able to hold the thick paint evenly. This would give you uneven, sparse results with some areas on your ceiling having a smooth texture instead of the popcorn look you want.

However, even with the proper roller, you cannot just simply dip it into the paint and start spreading it on your ceiling. Since textured paint is viscous, you need to soak the roller in it first so that it fills up with the paint.

Pour the paint into your pan, then submerge the roller in it. Move it every ten minutes or so to ensure even absorption. After you have allowed the roller to soak for about 30 minutes, you are ready to start painting your ceilings.

Using the above tips can help you achieve that popcorn textured look you want for your ceilings. However, if you are afraid you may not get the result you desire doing it yourself, contact one of the local painting services to discuss having them do the job for you.