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Rent Out A Single-Family Home? Get Exterior Painting After A Tenant Leaves

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When you first bought a property to turn into a rental, you may have invested time, effort, and money into making it a more appealing house for potential renters. This may have led to a better marketing campaign in which the house got rented faster than it would have without any improvements. If you want to continue making improvements to your rental house, you should consider hiring a painting company to take on several exterior projects after a tenant leaves.

Clean the Entire Exterior

An important step in showcasing an impressive rental is making sure that it is clean on the inside and outside. While you can rent a pressure washing machine and clean the exterior, you can rely on painters to handle this task before they begin painting the exterior part of your rental home.

Since a painting company will need every spot to be spotless for the paint to stick on well, you should feel confident about the rental looking extremely clean before and after the painting.

Try New Paint Colors

Although you may have had success with renting the property in the past, you may not love the exterior paint colors. However, if the paint job was somewhat new when you bought the home, you may have held back on getting a fresh paint job to replace a passable color scheme.

Exterior home painting will allow you to go with a neutral color scheme while branching out to more unique and inviting whites, grays, and browns. Going with a cream color for the outside can work well because it will help any dirt and grime blend in compared to a bright white.

Draw Attention

While you may intend on painting most of the home in a neutral color, you may be interested in drawing attention to the property through accent features. To accomplish this goal, you will want to paint the front door or garage door in a bold color that stands out within the neighborhood.

Make Repairs

When you look at the rental home's exterior and notice minor damage in certain areas, you may be worried that painters will not be able to handle the painting. But, you should have no problem finding a company that can handle minor repairs to your home's exterior before painting.

If you are looking to improve your rental home, you should not hesitate to work with painters who can clean, repair, and paint the exterior to produce excellent results.