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Tips You Should Know For Painting

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When you are painting a project, you need to be sure that you are taking proper care of your painting supplies in order to do the project correctly and to save yourself money. If you aren't treating your supplies how you should, then you can end up with a lot of different problems along the way. You can have problems in the way in which the paint is applied and problems with the supplies that may even stop your progress dead in its tracks. Here are some tips for taking care of your work area and your painting supplies so that you can avoid these issues.

Set up your workspace correctly

You want to be sure you start your painting project in the best way possible. This means setting up the work area correctly. Here are some things to make sure you do before you even open the can of paint:

  • Tape everything off if you don't want paint to get on it
  • Cover the floor and other large areas with plastic and tape it down well
  • Set out your paint pan, brushes, paint cans, stirs, and other tools where they will be reachable
  • Dress in your painting clothes
  • Have your ladder where you can easily reach it when necessary
  • Make sure you control the area, so wind won't blow near the area being painted
  • If wind cannot be controlled, then paint on a day when the wind won't be an issue

Paint carefully

You want to make sure you paint carefully, even though you will have plastic laid out and everything taped to avoid painting areas that you don't want to be painted. However, you still need to be cautious that you don't do things like put too much on the paintbrush, which will cause the paint to drip. Once the paint begins to drip, it can be very hard to hide it. You also want to count on painting at least two coats. This is the best way to know that you won't have problem areas.

Clean up thoroughly after you are done painting. You want to clean all your brushes, the stir stick, and anything else that got some paint on it. You want to be sure the lids go back on the cans tightly, so you can avoid the paint drying out on you.

Dealing with problems

If you go to use a paintbrush and it still has some paint on it, then you can get the paint off by using paint thinner to remove it. Also, if you find that your paint has some dry paint or other debris in it, then you will want to strain the paint thoroughly. After you have strained the paint, you will have paint that is free of debris to continue painting with.

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