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Arrange For Professionals To Do The Wall Treatment

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If you are opening your own business, you are more than likely swamped with things like arranging for permits, hiring your staff, buying office furniture, and everything else that goes into getting established. One thing you can cross of your to-do list is arranging for professionals to do the interior painting and the other wall treatment you want. 

Think of the different ways you can give the walls in your new business facility an attractive look. As you get ideas, jot them down so that you can present them to the agent from the commercial painting company you'll be using. If you focus on four aspects of the wall treatment, that might help you in your planning.

The Paint Color - The color you select for the walls in your new business facility will help to set a mood. For instance, if you want a very subdued and classic look, think of going with very soft grey, light blue, or beige for the paint color. For a more dramatic look, go with jewel tones for the color of the paint.

Another idea is to choose a subdued color and a dramatic color that will work well together. For instance, think of having a beige wall with turquoise vertical stripes painted in strategic areas of the wall. Or, go with a jewel tone, say turquoise, and then add a braid stencil design in off white. 

Faux Painting - Add interest to one of the walls by having it faux painted. For instance, if you go with grey for the color of paint, use faux painting on one of the walls to make it look like Italian marble. 

If you go with light blue for the paint color, a faux painting that looks like denim would give the room a western feeling.

Add Wall Paper - The right wallpaper or a wallpaper border can also add interest to the walls. For instance, if you go with the light blue and the faux painted denim in one of the rooms of your new business, a border with cowboy boots would be a fun look. 

An entire wall could have a mural as its focal point. Choose a mural that represents the type of business you are starting. 

The last aspect of the wall treatment will be the wooden trim work to showcase your business credentials and artwork. The same service that does the wall treatments will more than likely also do the woodwork for you. Consider talking with a company that specializes in commercial interior painting to ease some of the stress.