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Paint Your Business With Energy Efficiency In Mind

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If you are a business owner — energy efficiency is very important. Heating and cooling costs, and lighting costs, are two of the largest expenses for businesses, so if there is any way to lower the costs in these areas, you would likely welcome it with open arms. Did you know that the color of your interior walls could actually impact your cost in this area? If you have upcoming plans to paint your building, learn how you can paint with energy efficiency in mind.

Consider the Local Climate

If you want your paint to work on your behalf, you need to examine the local climate and the number of windows in the room. Take an office building in the upper northwest region, for instance. 

Given the colder weather, if there are several windows in the room, it would make more sense to choose a darker color. Dark-colored paint tends to retain more radiant energy than light-colored paint. As a result, the color of the walls can help the room stay slightly warmer naturally, which can lower your overall heating costs. 

On the other hand, for a business in south Florida, lighter walls would be the better option to keep the space naturally cooler. If for some reason you really want a wall color that is the opposite of your climate needs, consider adding the color to trim or another accent element.

Lower the Need for Artificial Light

Another way in which you can use paint color to lower your energy costs is to paint with light in mind. Second to heating and cooling costs, the cost to light a building is a considerable expense for building owners.

Dark walls have a tendency to darken a space, whereas lighter walls help brighten a room. If you plan to paint a room with limited windows, painting the walls in a darker hue would darken the space and likely require you to turn on more lights to brighten the room, even during the day.

Light-colored paint has more reflective qualities than dark paint, which means that its reflective qualities can help bounce more light around the room, and ultimately, make it brighter. The ability to use fewer lights during the day and rely more on natural light can save you considerably.

If you have additional questions, contact a commercial painting company. They can help you with everything from selecting a paint color to the application process.