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Five Ways To Ensure A Long-Lasting Exterior Commercial Paint Job

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Painting your business's exterior is an investment, so you want to make sure it lasts a long time. The following strategies can help.

1. Landscape Management

A major mistake is to ignore the landscaping around the exterior of your building prior to painting. All landscaping, including hedges and trees, needs to be pruned back so that nothing is resting against the walls. Not only does this make a thorough painting job easier, but it will also protect the new paint from damage. Plants scrape against walls and damage paint. They also trap moisture, which can cause paint to bubble and peel away prematurely.

2. Wall Cleanup

Never simply paint over the exterior without first having it completely cleaned. Dirt and grime, as well as film from air pollutants, can cause the new paint to adhere poorly. The walls should be pressure washed prior to painting. This will also remove any loose or peeling old paint so that it won't interfere with the adhesion of the new coat.

3. Basic Repairs

Chances are the building's exterior will need a few repairs prior to painting. Wood siding, for example, must be checked for rot and any rotten siding or trim must be replaced. Holes, cracks, and chips in any type of material, whether it's concrete, vinyl, or wood, must also be repaired or patched up prior to painting. Any existing damage that is ignored will eventually show through the new coats of paint and look bad.

4. Paint Selection

Select the right paint for the job. For most building siding materials, a good exterior latex works well, particularly when paired with a complementary type of primer. Opt for lighter colors on walls where sun fading is an issue, as they will reveal fading more slowly compared to bright colors. On the other hand, darker colors may work better on walls prone to dirt, such as those next to the road. You can also opt for easy-to-clean paints, such as those made to mitigate graffiti problems, if this is an issue you have with your building.

5. Maintenance Plan

Talk with your painting service about contracting out an ongoing maintenance plan. The crew will return annually to check for damage and perform any necessary touchup work. This simple plan can prolong the life of a commercial paint job by years. Some crews even offer cleaning services where they will clean the walls of your building as part of the annual maintenance visit.

Contact a commercial painting service for more assistance with your exterior painting project.