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3 Most Common Problems Your Commercial Painter Will Solve For You

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All business owners that want to grow their business and increase their market share understand that image matters. The first impression your customer gets when they approach your business premises matters. It determines how many will convert into loyal customers and how many will opt for other businesses. Therefore, you should always know that customers start forming an impression about your business immediately after they approach the premises. You can help improve that impression by choosing the right painter to refresh how your building looks. Here are the four most common issues a commercial painter can help solve. 

When the Paint Is Faded or Worn Out

The exterior of your building gets exposed to a lot of harsh weather elements during the day. These include the ultraviolet rays of the sun, wind, dust, and rainfall. Sometimes, the chemicals in the environment also interact with the paint and lead to it breaking down. Your exterior walls will take a dull and washed-out appearance when you do not invest in repainting the exterior. Consequently, customers might look at your business buildings and think you do not have the funds to care for the premises. A commercial painter will repaint the entire building exterior with high-grade fresh paint. 

When the Paint Forms Alligator Skin Appearance

Your building might also form an alligator skin appearance with time. This complication comes from the presence of moisture underneath the coats of paint. Wooden surfaces are more susceptible to alligator wrinkles than other building materials. Wood can hold a lot of wetness over time. With time, the adhesive force that bonds the paint to the wall disintegrates and starts peeling off. The commercial painter can strip the surface and pressure-wash the problem spots thoroughly. After cleaning, they will allow the surface to dry up before priming and then repainting it. 

When Mold Forms on the Walls

Mold is another common problem with the exterior commercial building walls. Mold presents itself in dark streaks or fuzzy sprouts on the wall. It is more likely to develop in shaded parts of the building than those exposed to light. Professionals can sandblast the surface to remove the mold before sterilizing and repainting it. 

A fresh coat of paint can make a massive difference in your building's appearance. It could be the statement you need to rebrand your business. Therefore, hire a commercial painter to manage the process for you for the best results.

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