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Winter Wonderland: How To Decorate Your Home In The Shades Of Winter

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Winter often gets a bad rap for being dreary and boring. However, when you welcome the shades of winter into your home you will be surprised by its natural beauty and the tranquil atmosphere it creates. The right color palette can transform your home into a winter wonderland that is not only beautiful but is also cozy and inviting.

Winter's palette

Inspired by the elements of nature, winter is all about whites and neutral shades of color. Think about the shades of an overcast sky and snow and incorporate these colors into the walls of your home's interior. Snowy hues of white combined with subtle shades of sky gray will bring a soothing sense of serenity into your home and make it a place will everyone feels welcome.

Paint walls and trim in bright shades of white to create a relaxing winter backdrop for your home's interior. Use subtle gray to paint shelves, bookcases, desks, and chairs. Paint a brick fireplace winter white to match the walls and create a cohesive look in the room.

Reflect ambiance

Winter is all about warmth, and it is important to create ambiance in your home to make it a haven of rest and shelter from the outside elements. White walls provide a perfect backdrop for lit candles or a flickering fireplace. During daylight hours, white walls will reflect natural lighting well and give your home a fresh and airy appearance.

Cozy accents

Want to accent your white winter walls well? Think cozy when shopping for accent pieces. Oversized furniture in off-white or light gray will draw you in when arranged in front of a fireplace. The off-white or gray furniture will provide a perfect balance for the white walls.

Calming color pops

Not all hues of winter must be white, and it is good to add a few pops of subtle color throughout your home's interior for eye appeal. Good colors to match wintry shades of white include lavender, baby blue, and sage green. These subtle colors can be found in accent pillows, drapes, throws, and area rugs to put the perfect finishing touch on your winter home.

The arrival of the winter season is a great time to give your home a makeover, especially since you will be spending more time indoors. Surrounding yourself with winter's hues will add an element of coziness and comfort to your home, which will make staying indoors more enjoyable. You may even find you are enjoying the winter season more than ever in your own winter wonderland.

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