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Two Important In-Home Painting Services Are Prepping The Walls And Applying Paint

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Painting the interior of your house is a lot of work. You may not have the time, interest, or skill for painting your home yourself. Instead, you can hire in-home painting services so your home gets a fresh look without any stress on your part. Here are two important steps involved in painting your home.

Prepare For Painting

The painters need room to move near your walls so the furniture needs to be pulled to the center of the room. Drapes and pictures also have to come down so the walls are bare. One of the in-home painting services your painter may offer is moving furniture for you. This may cost extra, so if you're able to move furniture yourself, you may want to do it before the painters arrive.

The painting crew also has to prepare the walls for paint. This may involve washing down the walls to get rid of dust and stains, filling in nail holes, and repairing other damage. Prepping the walls is an important step so the new paint job goes on smoothly and lasts a long time.

Apply New Paint To The Walls And Trim

Interior paint often has primer included so the painter can skip the step of using a primer first. However, if you're switching from a dark color of paint to a light color, or if you're painting over stains, the painter might need to use a primer or some other specialized paint before applying the new color to provide better coverage and to cover up stains and dark colors.

The painter might also just use multiple coats of paint with primer when painting over darker colors. It's possible to paint your interior walls a different color no matter what color you start with and what color you want to switch to if the right procedure is followed.

In addition to choosing the color for your walls, you also need to choose the degree of sheen. It's typical to paint the ceiling with flat or matte paint. This type of paint is suitable for a ceiling since a ceiling doesn't get dirty like walls do. Flat paint shows dirt and is difficult to clean, so your painter probably won't use it on your walls.

The walls may be painted with eggshell paint which has more sheen than flat paint. This makes the walls easier to wipe down when they get dirty and stained. The trim around doors and windows may be painted with glossy paint. High-gloss paints are easy to clean and they have the most sheen. The glossy paint sets the trim apart from the walls and also makes it easy to clean trim since it gets bumped often.

The painter may also use glossy paint in bathrooms or a child's room so the walls are easy to keep clean. One of the in-home painting services your painter may provide is helping you choose the right sheen for each room and each part of the room so your paint job has a professional appearance and is easy to maintain.  

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