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3 Reasons To Use Professionals For Cabinet Painting

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Repainting your cabinets in your kitchen provides a nice way to refresh the space and add some new color. Before you do the painting process yourself, consider the use of professional cabinet painting solutions. Professional painters with cabinet experience understand the process that goes into cabinet painting.

No matter what style cabinets you have, the professionals have specific methods and tools to get the job done cleanly and proficiently. Check out some of the reasons to rely on a professional when you want your new cabinets painted.

1. Knobs, Glass, & Accessory Protection

Many cabinets have surface areas and elements where you do not want to apply new coats of paint. Professional painters have the tools, supplies, and skills to paint around those objects. The painters can cover up any glass areas on a cabinet door. They will likely remove any knobs or handles until the paint dries completely.

The technique applied will ensure just the solid colors of the cabinets get painted and the rest of the accessories remain in the same condition.

2. Paint Drip Prevention

Kitchen cabinets often hang over kitchen elements like counters, sinks, and stoves. You do not want to create a mess if you paint your cabinets in those areas. Professionals can quickly block off the rest of the kitchen and prevent any extra drips or splatter from the paint. They know how to properly secure the area so no extra cracks or gaps create vulnerable areas.

The coverage of the rest of the kitchen will make clean-up a lot easier and prevent the need to remove paint from other areas in your kitchen.

3. Cabinet Door Removal & Paint Application

In some cases, the painting process may include the removal of cabinet doors to easily apply new coats of paint. The door removal may make it easier to use spray-style paints and apply an even coat without the paint dripping straight down.

Professional cabinet painters understand how to properly remove cabinet doors and reinstall them. If you remove your own cabinet doors, you could run into issues when you put the doors back up. You do not want a loose or uneven door to change the look of your kitchen. The hardware removal can also ensure the hinges do not get painted.

For example, you may have brass cabinet hinges that you want to go with white cabinets. The complete removal of the door will help prevent little paint drips or spots on the hardware. Once put back on, the cabinet doors will operate as normal once again.

Check out local painter options and see the ways they can transform your kitchen cabinet space. For more information, contact a company like We Paint & Renovate Inc.