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Vinyl Siding Needing Some Updating? How To Get It Done

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Vinyl siding is a durable product and can hold up with time, however, it can also fade with time and could appear unsightly. Rather than replacing the siding, which can be very costly, you can paint over it to give it new life and an entirely new look. Painting vinyl siding can be done, but it needs to be done properly in order to achieve the look you want. You'll also need to paint it a darker color, as painting it lighter may not cover as well as it will with a darker color. Read on for tips to paint your vinyl siding properly.

Clean The Siding Thoroughly

Clean the vinyl siding with a pressure washer on a low setting so as not to damage your siding. You can also spray it with your garden hose and some siding cleaner. Scrub the areas that have stains or hard-to-remove mold or mildew. Be sure if you are using a siding cleaner that you rinse it thoroughly to remove the soap, or your paint will not adhere properly later when you go to paint it. Once it is clean, you need to dry it out for a few days before you begin to paint it.

Repair Cracks

With older siding, it can crack with time. You should make repairs to your siding, replacing siding pieces that have holes or cracks in them with another piece of siding if you have any to replace it with, or since you are painting over it anyway, you can replace it with a brand-new piece of siding you purchase from your local hardware store. Repair minor cracks and holes using silicone you can paint over. You're giving your siding new life, and you don't want it to have holes and cracks visible in the new paint job.

Begin Painting

Once your home is clean and repaired, you can begin to paint it. Use paint made to cover vinyl siding and cover exterior areas of your home where you do not want to get paint onto. Use painter's tape to help keep paint off of areas such as your soffit and fascia, or gutters. Remove downspouts from your home so you don't have to paint around them. Use a good paintbrush to cut the paint in and to get the undersides of the lap siding pieces. Then use a roller to roll the rest of the paint onto your home. Use even strokes and an even amount of paint every time for a more cohesive look and for even coverage.

If you have vinyl siding that is in good shape, but just needs to be updated, you can paint over it to give it some new life. Painting an entire house can be a lot of work and can take an entire summer to get the job done. Hire a professional painting company to help you get this job done properly and in a timely manner