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Three Ceiling Paint Options Other Than White

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There's a good chance that every room in your home currently has a white ceiling, and you might feel that this look offers some advantages. It never hurts to consider some other options, especially if you want to give a room a different look. Changing the ceiling color can create an entirely different vibe in the room, especially when you choose a color that works well with the colors of your walls, floor, and furniture. Find a local painting contractor who has some experience with different ceiling colors, and then discuss some ideas. Here are three ceiling paint color options that can work well.


A pink ceiling offers a fun, playful vibe that can work well in certain areas of your home. If you have a daughter who is currently in love with the color pink, they might be very excited about the idea of giving their bedroom ceiling a fresh look with this color. You'll want to keep the shade of pink on the lighter side, as this will help to maintain an airy look overhead and ensure that the room doesn't lose its spacious vibe. A pink ceiling in a room with white walls, white trim, and pink curtains can have a fun and stylish look.


If you want one of the rooms in your home to offer a particularly regal look, changing the color of the ceiling is an idea to discuss with your painting professional. There is no color more regal than gold, so you might wish to seriously evaluate using this shade. Sticking to a lighter shade of gold can work well, and this choice of color can tie in well with many elements in the room. For example, you might like this ceiling color in a formal dining room, particularly if you have a gold light fixture and often set your table with gold utensils and accessories.


Blue is a popular hue in many homes, but you might not always think about having it appear on your ceiling. Various shades of blue can work well as a ceiling color. In a gaming room for your teenagers, a dark blue ceiling can create a stylish vibe. In other rooms, including your living room, a light blue ceiling can mimic the blue sky to some degree. Talk to an interior painting company, such as GC Painting, about using one or more of these colors to repaint the ceiling in a room in your home.