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Painting Tips You Can Use To Paint The Interior Of Your Home

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The interior of your home may look nice, but upon closer inspection, your paint may be faded and need a bit of an update to give it new life and just some new updated style. That old color you painted 10 years ago was probably a lovely color, but maybe not so much these days. You can give your home new life and an easy update just by painting your home. A new coat of paint can make a room feel clean and like new. It's also a cheap way to update your home. Read on for some painting tips you can use.

Prep The Room 

You need to prep the room you will be painting by removing everything from the walls, including curtains and binds, as well as wall plates for outlets and light switches. If you are going to be painting the ceiling (and you should), you should remove the light fixture, if possible, to prevent getting paint on it. You will also need to clean the walls to remove dust and anything else on your walls to prevent painting over it. Cleaning the walls will help prevent anything from showing through on the walls after you have painted them. If there are stains on the walls, such as from cigarette smoke, you should not only clean the walls, but you will need to use a primer on the walls before you paint. 

Fill In Holes And Make Necessary Repairs

You should fill in holes in the walls and make any necessary repairs to the walls that may be needed. Even small holes in your walls can be an eyesore, so fill in these minor holes as well. Use a quick-dry hole fill and apply it with a putty knife. Scrape away the excess, then when it is dry, use a piece of fine-grit sandpaper to sand down the area to smooth it out and blend it with the rest of your wall.

Paint Your Walls

Paint the walls using good quality paint that offers you good coverage and isn't too watery or requires extra coats of paint. Apply the paint using a quality paintbrush and a quality roller. Using cheap tools may not give you the paint job that you want, as it may leave marks on the walls, or it could lose bristles or some of the nap may come off on your walls. Apply the paint with even strokes and blend in the paint to prevent marks left on the walls.

If you are looking to update your home, you can paint it to give it new life. Contact interior painting services to learn more.