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Painting An Exterior Porch? What You Should Know

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Painting a porch can add beauty to your home. It can lighten a darkened space and make your porch feel more like an interior space. It can also add value to your home as well. Painting a porch can be a very big job to have to deal with, as there are a number of steps that need to be taken in order for the paint to adhere properly and for the paint to stay on for years to come. If your porch is in need of painting or you are starting this as an entirely new project, read on for helpful information to get the job done.

 Clean The Porch Thoroughly

You need to clean your porch thoroughly and remove any of the dirt and debris that lingers on the wood of your porch from over the years. Use a deck cleaner or a mild detergent to clean the wood to help remove any grease and oils that have also built up on the wood. This can happen from years of hands touching railings, beams, or other areas. Once the porch is clean, you need to be sure you rinse the porch as well. Rinse away any soap residue that may hinder your paint from adhering properly to the wood. Then allow the entire porch to dry to prevent the paint from running.

Make Necessary Repairs

This is a good time to make any necessary repairs to your porch. Fill in holes and gaps with paintable wood fill, or you can use a paintable caulk as well. Make sure it says it is paintable. The last thing you want is spots all over your porch where the paint would not adhere properly. For a more cohesive look, make repairs to small holes and cracks between seams along your porch.

Begin Painting

Use a paint that also contains a primer all in one. Use a paint that is made for exterior areas of the home and don't use cheap paint, as this is not a project you want to have to do yearly if you can avoid it. This is a paint project that should be long-lasting and will be if done correctly. Once you have your paint, you can begin painting. Cut in your paint with a paintbrush and use a thick nap roller to roll the paint onto the other areas. Blend wherever necessary and catch drips before they dry to prevent unsightly marks on your porch. Be sure to use a drop cloth to prevent paint from getting onto any other areas surrounding your porch or onto the porch floor if you did not intend to paint this part.

If you have a porch that needs to be painted, there are steps to take to ensure this paint project goes smoothly and lasts a long time. Hire a professional painter to do this work for you to ensure it is done correctly. For more information on residential painting, contact a professional near you.