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Paint Ideas For Small Spaces

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Your small space may seem like an easy place to paint in your home, but it can also be a bit tricky. A smaller space may not take a lot of your time to paint, but the color that you choose can make all of the difference in the world. A small space can feel enclosed if you paint it the wrong color, or it can feel like a very large space if you paint it in a certain way and with the right color scheme. If you are looking to paint a small space, read on for some ideas to help open up the space a bit without knocking down any walls in the process.

Go Dark

This may seem weird to paint a small space a dark color, but when done correctly, it can make the room feel very large in size and not make you feel claustrophobic. Use the darker color on the upper portion of the wall and break up the wall using board and batten, or some other type of wall covering such as tile or paneling in a lighter color. Then use the darker color on the upper portion of the wall and on your ceiling as well. This can make the room feel endless when you look up, especially if you go really dark, such as black or dark navy.

Add Wallpaper

Use peel-and-stick wallpaper on one of the walls, or just on the upper portion of the walls to give the space some life and to make it appear larger in size. Use a smaller print on the wallpaper and something that really draws the eye upward to make the room feel larger. A large print on the wallpaper may be too much in a smaller space and may hinder your efforts to make the space feel larger. Paint the bottom portion of your walls, or the remaining walls if you wallpapered an entire wall using a color that matches with the wallpaper.

Use Light And Light Colors

If your small space has a window, allow light to come into the room and use a light color on the walls to open up the space. Using light can help make a room feel much larger in size than it is. Paint the walls using a light shade of any color of your choosing. Be sure to try out the color in the room using the light coming in to help you decide on the right color for your space.

If you are looking to paint a small room, there are things you can do to help make the room feel like a bigger space than it is. Talk to a professional interior painter about other things you can do to open up the space in a smaller room using paint. 

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