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Rent Out A Single-Family Home? Get Exterior Painting After A Tenant Leaves

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When you first bought a property to turn into a rental, you may have invested time, effort, and money into making it a more appealing house for potential renters. This may have led to a better marketing campaign in which the house got rented faster than it would have without any improvements. If you want to continue making improvements to your rental house, you should consider hiring a painting company to take on several exterior projects after a tenant leaves. Read More»

Tips For Painting Old Plaster Walls

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These days, walls are made from drywall or wallboard. These materials have the advantage of being rigid, straight, and easy to paint. Year ago, however, walls were made from plaster. If you’re planning to repaint plaster walls, you should know that doing so is a bit harder than painting drywall. Here are some tips for successfully painting those old plaster walls: 1. Patch any holes first. With drywall, you can sometimes fill tiny holes with just primer before painting. Read More»

3 Great Reasons To Hire A Residential Interior Painting Company When Giving Your Home A Makeover

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One of the best ways to give your home’s interior a new look is to paint the walls. Painting can be quite a difficult process, though. It might be best to work with a residential interior painting company. They can help you in so many important ways.  1. Save Money  If you tried painting your home yourself, you may spend more money than what’s necessary. This can happen for many reasons, whether it’s because you selected the wrong paint or made a lot of mistakes. Read More»