A New Color for a New Year

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Painting Tips To Finish Your Furniture Statement Piece And Match An Accent Wall

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Your home decor can be about combining matching and contrasting colors to create a specific mood for each room in your home. And painting your walls and some other pieces to match is a good way to bring color into your home. As you hire a professional painter, or do some or all off the work yourself, here are some tips and recommendations to help you paint a furniture or statement piece in your home to match an accent wall. Read More»

How To Paint Your Ceilings

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Are you going to repaint some of your interior rooms? If so, you should consider repainting your ceilings as well. Many people don’t think that it is necessary to repaint their ceilings because they might look fine as is. You can’t really tell how faded or stained your white ceiling paint is until you apply a new coat of fresh white paint next to it. This article gives you three helpful tips for repainting ceilings. Read More»

How To Paint With A Spray Gun

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Homeowners need to spend a lot of time and money on home improvements if they want to keep up the value of their property. That is, as your home ages, it is obviously going to look older, and certain components need to be refreshed or replaced. Of course, as a homeowner, you need to always have an eye on the possibility of selling your home. If you don’t do a few things to keep up the value of your property, it could sell well below the market value. Read More»