A New Color for a New Year

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How To Paint An Open Basement Ceiling

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Basements don’t always have a tall ceiling. They usually have drop ceilings with those tiles made of vinyl, or sometimes they are made of polystyrene. If you have these tiles, but you feel like your ceilings feel closed in, you can open them up to give them the feeling of height by painting the beams and piping throughout your ceiling all one color, such as painting them all black or painting them all white. Read More»

Five Ways To Ensure A Long-Lasting Exterior Commercial Paint Job

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Painting your business’s exterior is an investment, so you want to make sure it lasts a long time. The following strategies can help. 1. Landscape Management A major mistake is to ignore the landscaping around the exterior of your building prior to painting. All landscaping, including hedges and trees, needs to be pruned back so that nothing is resting against the walls. Not only does this make a thorough painting job easier, but it will also protect the new paint from damage. Read More»

Popular Exterior Painting Mistakes People Make Today

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Exterior painting can enhance your home’s authentic appeal and ensure the building is protected from varying weather conditions and other environmental elements that could cause damage.  However, most people ignore the house’s exterior, and those who manage to paint it still don’t do the work properly. This usually occurs when one chooses to DIY instead of hiring qualified painters.  Generally, there are various guidelines you have to consider to have a successful exterior painting project, even if you’re working with painting contractors. Read More»